Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Paddy Hirsch

Senior Editor, "Marketplace"

Paddy Hirsch is Senior Editor of "Marketplace," the acclaimed business and financial news radio program produced by American Public Media. He works with the New York bureau and plays a key role in "Marketplace Whiteboard," popular online videos that use stick figures to explain complex financial concepts. The segment was named an honoree in the 2009 Webby Awards. Hirsch has been a business and financial news reporter for more than 15 years. He has reported for news services in radio and television, in newspapers and on the Web. He has worked in Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Bosnia-Herzegovina and much of western Europe. He was in Southeast Asia when the Asian financial crisis hit and worked for a New York financial wire service when the market collapsed after 9/11. He made it to "Marketplace" just in time to lead coverage of the credit crunch, the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent panic of 2008.

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