Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Stella Thomas

Founder and President, Global Water Fund

Stella Thomas is Founder and President of the Global Water Fund, which raises awareness of the global water crisis and seeks tangible financial and technical solutions to problems of water scarcity and sanitation. Thomas serves as a liaison to governments, international organizations, and business and civic groups on issues related to sustainable development and the environment. She also consults on global water issues and technologies, and advises governments and industry leaders on environmental, health, economic, political and social factors related to water. She frequently lectures to organizations around the world. Thomas holds two undergraduate degrees from Michigan State University and diplomas in economics from the University of Cambridge and The London School of Economics. She holds a master′s degree in natural resources and conflict resolution from the School of International Relations and Diplomacy/University of Paris, and a master′s from the University of Oxford in water science, policy and management.

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