Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Moray Dewhurst

Vice Chairman and Chief of Staff, FPL Group Inc.

Moray Dewhurst is Vice Chairman and Chief of Staff at FPL Group Inc., one of the nation′s largest providers of electricity-related services. He was previously the firm′s chief financial officer; during that time, he served on the board of NEIL, the nuclear industry′s mutual insurance company, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce. Before joining FPL, he was an officer, director and member of the executive committee of Dean & Company, a management consulting and investment firm that he co-founded. He has also been a senior partner at Mercer Management Consulting and its predecessor firms. Dewhurst hold a bachelor′s degree in naval architecture and marine engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a master of science in management from MIT′s Sloan School of Management.

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