Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Felix Salmon

Financial Blogger, Reuters

Felix Salmon, a Financial Blogger for Reuters, was one of the craft's early adopters. Though it wasn't called that at the time, he began blogging in 1999 as Latin America editor for BridgeNews, linking to stories on the news wire and adding snarky commentary. In 2000, Salmon started hand coding his own blog at; it wasn't long until (his personal blog) and (a group blog) were formed. In 2006 he launched for Roubini Global Economics, glorying in the title of Content Strategist. In 2007 Salmon originated Market Movers at; he then moved his finance blog to Reuters one month before Portfolio shut down. Salmon learned the difference between a bond and a loan during a stint at Euromoney magazine. Salmon, who grew up in London, is a graduate of the University of Glasgow.

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