Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Lewis Ranieri

Chairman, Ranieri Partners LLC; Founder, Hyperion Private Equity Funds

Lewis Ranieri is Chairman and President of Ranieri & Co., a private investment advisor and management corporation. He is also Founder of the Hyperion Private Equity Funds and Founder and Principal Partner of Selene Residential Mortgage Opportunity Fund. He serves as chairman and/or director of various operating and/or non-operating entities affiliated with Hyperion and Selene. He is also chairman of Ranieri Partners LLC and Ranieri Partners Management LLC, investment management companies focused on financial service opportunities. Prior to forming Hyperion in 1988, Ranieri was vice chairman of Salomon Brothers Inc. Generally considered to be the "father" of the securitized mortgage market, Ranieri helped develop the capital markets as a source of funds for housing and commercial real estate, established Salomon′s leadership position in the mortgage-backed securities area and led the effort to obtain federal legislation to support and build the market. In 2004, BusinessWeek named him one of "the greatest innovators of the past 75 years."

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