Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Nina Rees

Senior Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, Knowledge Universe Education

Nina Rees is Senior Vice President for strategic initiatives at Knowledge Universe Education, a global education company with investments in early childhood education, before- and after-school programs, and online instruction. Before joining Knowledge Universe, Rees worked for more than 15 years in Washington, D.C., most recently as an assistant deputy secretary at the Department of Education. Previously, Rees was a domestic policy advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney, where she worked on the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act. Rees served as the senior education analyst at the Heritage Foundation and spent two years on the staff of U.S. Rep. Porter Goss, a Florida Republican, while earning her master′s degree in international transactions from George Mason University. She received her bachelor′s degree in psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Rees serves on the boards of several organizations, including the Washington Scholarship Fund, the Greater Educational Opportunities Foundation and the Education Industry Association.

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