Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Shouky Oren

Accountant General, Israel

Shouky Oren is Accountant General of Israel. Oren has helped navigate the Israeli economy through the global financial downturn and steer the country toward recovery through unprecedented economic programs and decisive action to help exporters and the credit market. During the crisis, Oren oversaw a $1.5 billion bond issue — the largest sovereign bond issuance in Israel's history — and also financed the deficit and maintained Israel's credit rating. Prior to his appointment in 2007, Oren was CEO of Bank Leumi-Switzerland for six years. He previously held various roles in Investec Bank (Israel) Ltd., including senior deputy general manager and head of the Finance Division, and was managing director at Investec Clali - Management & Underwriting Ltd. Oren has also worked in the Ministry of Finance as deputy accountant general and head of foreign currency debt. He received an M.B.A. and a bachelor's degree in economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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