Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Mitch Jacobs

Founder and CEO, On Deck Capital

Mitch Jacobs is a leading technology entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of On Deck Capital, which is dedicated to solving the technology and infrastructure challenges preventing capital from flowing to Main Street small businesses. Prior to founding On Deck, Jacobs was the Founder and CEO of Tranvia Inc., a technology company that provided MasterCard/Visa, e-commerce and gift-card services to small businesses; and Transaction Service Providers Inc., a technology solution firm that provided stored-value services to on- and off-campus merchants at universities around the country. Both startups were bought by public companies; Ceridian acquired Tranvia, and Student Advantage purchased Transaction Service Providers. Through On Deck Capital, Jacobs has become a leading voice in small-business capital access and financial technology. He is a highly sought-after speaker and appears frequently in the press. Jacobs holds a bachelor′s degree from Dartmouth College.

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