Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

James Barth

Senior Finance Fellow, Milken Institute; Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance, Auburn University

James Barth is the Senior Finance Fellow at the Milken Institute and the Lowder Eminent Scholar in Finance at Auburn University. His research focuses on financial institutions and capital markets, with an emphasis on regulatory issues. He has led an international team advising the People's Bank of China on banking reform and has recently traveled to China, India and Russia to lecture on various financial issues for the State Department. Barth previously was chief economist of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board and later of the Office of Thrift Supervision. He has been a professor at George Washington University, associate director of the economics program at the National Science Foundation and the Shaw Foundation Professor of Banking and Finance at Nanyang Technological University. Barth is the author of multiple books, including The Rise and Fall of the U.S. Mortgage and Credit Markets and Global Banking Regulation and Supervision. Barth received a Ph.D. from Ohio State University.

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