Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Kevin Klowden

Managing Economist and Director, California Center, Milken Institute

Kevin Klowden is Director of the California Center and a Managing Economist in the Regional Economics group at the Milken Institute. His research, including "California's Highway Infrastructure: Traffic's Looming Costs" and "Arizona's Position in Technology and Science," focuses on how regional competitiveness is affected by policies and developments in areas such as tech-based development and infrastructure. Klowden has also analyzed technology and media; he was the author of "The Writers' Strike of 2007—2008: The Economic Impact of Digital Distribution," which examined the issues surrounding the Hollywood work stoppage and the costs to California's economy. He coordinated the Institute's Los Angeles Economy Project, seeking public policy and private-sector solutions to regional challenges. He also served on the editorial board of Millennium, the international affairs journal of the London School of Economics, where he earned a master's degree in the politics of world economy. Klowden also earned a master's in economic geography from the University of Chicago.

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