Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Tim Pawlenty

Governor, State of Minnesota

Tim Pawlenty is serving his second term as the Governor of Minnesota. Pawlenty's accomplishments include enacting a property tax cap, toughening the state′s education standards, instituting free-market health-care reforms that increase accountability and provide tax credits to encourage the use of health savings accounts, and implementing a plan to generate 25 percent of the state′s electricity from renewable sources by 2025. His public service career includes serving as a prosecutor, Eagan City Council member and 10-year member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. Pawlenty served as chair of the National Governors Association and on the boards of the National Infrastructure Advisory Council, Achieve Inc. and the James B. Hunt Jr. Institute. He is chair of the Education Commission of the States and former chair of the Midwestern Governors Association. Pawlenty received his J.D. and bachelor′s degree from the University of Minnesota.

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