Global Conference 2010

Speaker's Biography

Gordon Crovitz

Co-Founder, Journalism Online; former Publisher, The Wall Street Journal

Gordon Crovitz is the Co-Founder of Journalism Online, the creator of Press+, which enables publishers to charge for access to their websites and other digital products and provides consumers with a single account for their digital news. He is a former publisher of The Wall Street Journal, where he writes a weekly column called "Information Age," and former executive vice president of Dow Jones & Company. He was chairman of Factiva, editor and publisher of the Far Eastern Economic Review in Hong Kong and editorial page editor of The Wall Street Journal Europe in Brussels. He is a director of or advisor to numerous technology-based media and information companies, including ProQuest, Blurb, YouNoodle, Peer39 and Crovitz received a bachelor′s degree from the University of Chicago and law degrees from Yale Law School and Oxford, which he attended as a Rhodes scholar.

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