Global Conference 2010

Global Conference 2010

Climate Change Post-Copenhagen: What's Plan B?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010 / 11:00 am - 12:15 pm

While the world moved a bit closer to a coordinated effort to contain climate change, the Copenhagen summit last December made it all too clear that we will have to overcome deep divisions on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (and how to apportion the cost of doing so). This panel evaluates where we now stand and the prospects for moving forward expeditiously. Equally important, it considers a topic on which considerable progress was made at Copenhagen: mitigating the consequences of climate change. Panelists discussed how to cope with risks ranging from rising sea levels to radical changes in weather patterns, and how to manage the effort in countries that lack the resources to do it on their own.


Peter Passell

Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; Editor, The Milken Institute Review


Bryan Hannegan

Vice President, Environment and Renewables, Electric Power Research Institute

Matthew Kahn

Professor, Institute of the Environment, Department of Economics and Department of Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles

Matt Petersen

President and CEO, Global Green USA

Joel Smith

Principal, Stratus Consulting

Michael Walsh

Executive Vice President, Chicago Climate Exchange

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