Global Conference 2010

Global Conference 2010

Stabilizing Pakistan: A Conversation With Husain Haqqani,<br> Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States

Monday, April 26, 2010 / 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm

For security experts, Pakistan looms large as a major hot spot. The Obama administration has dramatically increased economic and military aid in hopes of stabilizing the country and enlisting greater cooperation in the fight against Taliban insurgents and terrorists. But most Westerners don't know much about this vast, complex and multicultural nation beyond the headlines. How has the security situation affected the Pakistani economy? Could growth and modernization effectively counter extremism? Can the nation overcome its infrastructure challenges and deliver the energy needed to power commerce and trade? What are the prospects for improved relations with India? In a candid conversation, Husain Haqqani, Pakistan's ambassador to the United States, provides valuable cultural and political context, and discusses the prospects for bringing stability to one of the world's most volatile regions.


Parag Khanna

Director, Global Governance Initiative, New America Foundation


Husain Haqqani

Ambassador to the United States, Pakistan

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