Global Conference 2008

Speaker's Biography

Shlomo Ben-Haim

CEO, Impulse Dynamics

Shlomo Ben-Haim is CEO of Impulse Dynamics, an Israeli firm that designs medical instruments, including implantable cardiac devices. He is one of Israel's leading biotech entrepreneurs, having founded and sold several successful ventures; today he continues to develop new companies that address significant medical markets with unmet needs. Ben-Haim has also been a professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics, with appointments at both Harvard University and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology. Ben-Haim previously served as chief scientist of Johnson & Johnson's Biosense-Webster. He has performed extensive medical research, published more than 100 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and received multiple professional prizes. He holds more than 180 patents and patent applications, including a navigated cardiac catheterization system and an implantable device for treating congestive heart failure. Ben-Haim has long been active in social programs to extend professional education to the underprivileged, revitalize communities, prevent violence and improve health. He was formally educated in the fields of nuclear physics, mathematics, biomedical engineering, philosophy and medicine.

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