Global Conference 2006

Speaker's Biography

John Kruper

Chief Learning Officer, Cardean Learning Group

John Kruper is Chief Learning Officer at Cardean Learning Group, where he oversees the company′s efforts to provide technology-based environments in which people form and participate in learning communities. Before joining Cardean Learning Group in 1999, he held positions as senior lecturer and director of academic computing at the University of Chicago, director of educational computing at Allegheny College and assistant director of the DNA Learning Center of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. Kruper's research areas include socio-constructivism, cognitive apprenticeship and communities of practice. Software projects and eLearning courses he developed have won awards from LGuide, Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning, the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse and the American Society for Training and Development. Kruper was initially trained as a molecular biologist at Penn State University and the University of Chicago. After completing a Ph.D. in science education at the University of Illinois, Chicago, he did postdoctoral work in the learning sciences at the University of Chicago.

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