Global Conference 2006

Speaker's Biography

Ivan Chung

Managing Director, Rating Service Line, Xinhua Finance Ltd.

Ivan Chung is the Managing Director for the rating service line of Xinhua Finance Ltd. He was instrumental in establishing Xinhua Far East China Ratings, a China rating service jointly provided by Xinhua Finance and Shanghai Far East. The first of its kind in China, Xinhua Far East China Ratings leverages in-depth knowledge of China′s financial markets and international rating standards. Previously, Chung spent more than 10 years in the financial services sector, including the structured and acquisition finance department of Jardine Fleming, Moody′s Asia Pacific and the banking supervisory department of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. In 2004, he was elected to serve on the best practice committee of the Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia. Chung earned a bachelor's degree at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a master's degree at the City University of Hong Kong.

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