Global Conference 2006

More than 2,500 people gathered in Los Angeles for the 9th annual Global Conference, an exploration of new thinking on a host of current international policy concerns, from energy independence to educating a 21st century work force.

This year's theme was "Expanding Opportunities in the Global Marketplace," and most of the 100-plus sessions focused in one way or another on how to do that - in finance, health care, education and other areas.

A record number of speakers - more than 380 - filled this year's program, including half a dozen Nobel laureates, more than 100 corporate CEOs, the president of the Czech Republic, two astronauts, a network anchor, the only seven-time Tour de France winner, a leading futurist, the FDA chief, and a former NATO commander, to mention just a few.

Sessions explored a wide range of current topics, including jobs, education, tax policy, nutrition, global risk, national security and much more.