Global Conference 2005


"With so many changes taking place in the world, the Global Conference is an invaluable resource. It's an impressive gathering of global leaders, who leave you with a greater understanding of the future and the opportunities it holds."
— Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and CEO, News Corporation

"The Global Conference is a great gathering and an amazing anomaly. It not only brings together world leaders, who are extremely passionate about what they do, but also gives them a challenging forum for innovative thinking and lively debate."
— Sumner M. Redstone, Chairman and CEO, Viacom

"It's a remarkable event. Over the course of a few days, I had a chance to talk to a lot of very bright people, whose knowledge and experiences gave me fresh ideas on how to improve our company."
— David Neeleman, Chairman and CEO, JetBlue Airways Corporation

"It is an extraordinary event, filled with invigorating discussions, a wonderful program and an amazing group of people. It is an important venue for gaining new ideas, new relationships and new ways of looking at the world. I find it incredibly energizing."
— Terry Semel, Chairman and CEO, Yahoo! Inc.

"The Global Conference represents a unique environment where accomplished individuals from disparate fields get to cross-pollinate ideas and solutions."
— Sam Zell, Chairman, Equity Group Investments, LLC

"Rarely do you find such an impressive group of local, national and international decision-makers gathered in one place as you do at the Global Conference. It's a great opportunity to talk with the world's business and political leaders."
— Bruce Karatz, Chairman and CEO, KB Home

"I have attended and participated in almost every session of the Milken Institute Global Conference. It is a unique opportunity to learn, in depth, about a huge variety of important subjects and to meet with world leaders who are experts in so many fields. I recommend the Global Conference to anyone interested in our world today."
— Stephen Bollenbach, President & CEO, Hilton Hotels Corporation

"It's an amazing gathering. I rarely see such an assemblage of incredibly powerful, incredibly smart people all in one place at one time."
— Dennis Kneale, Managing Editor, Forbes magazine

"The Global Conference offers insightful perspectives on today's trends and helps business people understand the forces of finance, commerce and technology that are shaping the future of America and the world."
— Robert Hormats, Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs & Co.

"It is an extraordinary, stimulating and unparalleled opportunity to engage some of the most influential and insightful leaders across the disciplines of politics, economics and social policy. It is the most impressive and important conference I attend."
— Michael A. Rosen, Principal, Angeles Investment Advisors, LLC

"The Global Conference is one of the best resources in the country for new ideas, bridging current information and innovative solutions to future problems."
— Nancy Brinker, Founder, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

"The Global Conference is a perennial winner. The presenters are a great mix of thoughtfulness, preparation and expertise, and there is always an incredible range of important, interesting and timely topics for attendees to choose from. The Global Conference is well organized and attracts a great mix of leaders and engaged individuals from business, academia and the public sector."
— Jay Wintrob, President and CEO, AIG Retirement Services

"The Milken Institute Global Conference provides a unique opportunity in one setting to hear the current strategic issues shaping the business and political climate of the day. Leaders from all sectors can benefit from the timely insights provided by the invited experts and attendees who participate in the sessions."
— Thomas Priselac, President and CEO, Cedars-Sinai Health System

"The Global Conference is a unique opportunity in a California forum to have challenging issues addressed in constructive and interdisciplinary ways."
— Suzanne Nora Johnson, Vice Chairman, The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.

"I found the Milken Institute to offer a well-rounded and informative discussion of the relevant issues. The conference was well executed, too."
— Christy Wood, Senior Investment Officer, Global Equity, CalPERS

"Year after year, the Milken Institute Global Conference manages to explore the day's fundamental social, political and economic issues in a dynamic way that brings together some of the world's greatest minds for compelling, provocative discussion. It's a unique event and one I never miss."
— Peter Chernin, President, Chief Operating Officer, News Corporation

"The conference always brings a fresh and multi-dimensional perspective to global affairs. Anyone pressed into the service of disciplined forward-thinking management ought to attend."
— Sharon L. Allen, Chairman of the Board, Deloitte

"For those individuals working either in the corporate or the non-profit sector, there can be no finer experience, nor any greater mix of expertise than found at the Milken Institute Global Conference. Both the speakers and the audience provide a superb combination of expertise, insight and candor."
— Barry Munitz, President and CEO, The J. Paul Getty Trust

"The Global Conference is a unique event — a place where some of the world's leading business, economic, government and academic talent come together in one place to assess where the world is going. The topics addressed are intellectually stimulating, enjoyable and current. The audience attending the Global Conference includes many of the leading executives in their respective fields from around the world."
— David A. Jacobs, Managing Director, Head of Global Consumer, Deutsche Bank

"The Global Conference is a unique experience — from its diverse and engaging speakers to its focus on finding concrete solutions that will improve economic conditions worldwide. It stretches your mind, and your way of thinking about business and the future."
— Gary Wilson, Chairman, Northwest Airlines Corp.

"The Milken Institute Global Conference is outstanding. Leaders from all fields provide not only stimulating presentations, but are accessible to discuss issues and share ideas. The panels explore differing points of views on many topics. I thoroughly enjoy it as a speaker and attendee."
— Paul Reilly, Chairman and CEO, Korn/Ferry International

"The Milken Institute Global Conference is a terrific forum to discuss how American businesses fit within a global context, and learn what business leaders need to know to adapt to the ever-changing world in which we live. Participants gain keen insights from respected experts into how we are affected by economic, political and technological change around the world."
— J. Terrence Lanni, Chairman and CEO, MGM MIRAGE

"The Milken Institute Global Conference is one conference I wouldn't miss. The speakers really have something meaningful to say rather than just being names. The subject matter has a lot of substance without being ponderous. Furthermore everything works on schedule and on time."
— Frank Baxter, Chairman Emeritus, Jefferies Group, Inc.

"I learned more about where the economy is headed from the Global Conference than any other event I have attended. It is a wonderful conference that mixes knowledge with great networking opportunities. I thoroughly enjoyed myself."
— Mike Medavoy, Chairman and CEO, Phoenix Pictures