Associates Breakfast with Keith Savard, Fellow, Milken Institute; Komal Sri-Kumar, Senior Fellow, Milken Institute; President, Global Strategies, Inc.; and Perry Wong, Managing Director, Research, Milken Institute


Keith Savard (left), Komal Sri-Kumar (center) and Perry Wong discussed the latest in the European debt crisis during their wide-ranging conversation.

One of the Institute's keys to success is its ability to bring together experts in some of the world's most pressing topics for thoughtful, practical conversations that focus on solutions to challenges -- often financial and economic matters that affect how the world's markets operate.

That's once again the case with this private breakfast for Milken Institute Associates -- featuring a discussion among Perry Wong, the Institute's director of research; Keith Savard, senior managing economist; and Komal Sri-Kumar ("Sri"), MI senior fellow and chief global strategist of Trust Company of the West (TCW).

These experts will offer their views on what's behind the slowing U.S. economy , its implications for the presidential election based upon current research displaying the strong historical relationships, and the continuing European debt crisis, including impacts on the emerging economies. Institute Associates will have an opportunity to hear what they have to say and ask questions.

Wong helps lead the Institute's research projects. He is an expert on regional economics, development and econometric forecasting, and specializes in analyzing the structure, industry mix, development and public policies of a regional economy.

Savard brings to the Institute his expertise in evaluating the interrelationship between economic fundamentals and activity in global financial and commodity markets. He also has a background in sovereign risk analysis and applying a disciplined economic approach to investment-portfolio decision-making.

Sri-Kumar serves as chairman of TCW's Comprehensive Asset Allocation portfolio and is an Institute senior fellow. At TCW, Sri-Kumar has been key to raising assets for a number of TCW strategies from sovereign wealth funds, international agencies, corporate and public pension funds, and retail investors. He frequently contributes to the Institute's blog, Currency of Ideas.

This event was open only to Milken Institute Associates. To register, join the Associates or learn more about the program, please contact Sarah Sandler at (310) 570-4613 or