Our work is founded on the prosperity formula that our chairman, Michael Milken, developed: well-functioning markets, accessible to all, can expand opportunities to develop human and social capital, magnify productive investment and dramatically improve global prosperity.

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Prosperity Formula

Recognizing that good policy is central to our mission, we have developed programs designed to:

  • promote a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of markets and their role in facilitating economic growth and job creation
  • improve the policy dialogue around financial-markets issues
  • generate practical, nonpartisan ideas and solutions

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Housing Finance 

Leads the debate on how to reform the U.S. housing system, reduce taxpayer risk, and create a new private mortgage market.

Financial Regulation for the 21st Century 

Advances pragmatic ideas for modernizing the U.S. regulatory system to strengthen financial markets and enhance access to capital in the 21st century

Access to Capital 

Supports public policy that both protects investors and allows efficient access to capital for America's entrepreneurs.

Capital Markets for Development 

Explores practical policy solutions to strengthen and deepen developing country capital markets and encourage investment.

Financial Technology 

Offers insights regarding the application of tech-driven financial innovations to enhance access to capital, financial inclusion, and transparency and compliance.

IFC-Milken Institute Capital Markets Program 

Trains and builds the next generation of capital-market leaders across developing and emerging economies.


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