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Rwanda Capital Market Authority's Strategic Planning Roundtable on Capital-Market Development
Rwanda Capital Market Authority's Strategic Planning Roundtable on Capital-Market Development
October 14-16, 2015 

Meet the Experts
Staci Warden

Staci Warden, Executive Director, Global Markets Development

Staci Warden leads CFM in a variety of initiatives on strengthening capital markets, access to capital, financial education and financial-markets solutions. Warden is chair of the Rwandan Capital Markets Authority. Prior to joining the Milken Institute, she spent six years with JPMorgan in London, where she ran JPMorgan's Central Bank client franchise in Europe, Eurasia and Africa, and two years in New York as part of the sovereign-debt-restructuring deal team.
Gerard Caprio

Gerard Caprio, Jr., Senior Fellow

Dr. Gerard Caprio, Jr. is the William Brough Professor of Economics at Williams College and Chair of the Center for Development Economics there. He has taught at Trinity College, Dublin (as a Fulbright Scholar) and visited at George Washington University. From 1998 until January 2006, he was the Director for Policy in the World Bank's Financial Sector Vice Presidency, for most of that time also serving as the Head of the financial sector research team in the Bank's Development Research Group. Before joining the Bank, Jerry served as Vice President and Head of Global Economics at JP Morgan (1985-88), and as an economist at the Federal Reserve Board (1987-1985) and the IMF.