The Center for Jobs and Human Capital promotes prosperity and sustainable economic growth around the world by increasing the understanding of the dynamics that drive job creation and promote industry expansion.

The Center for Jobs and Human Capital focuses on:
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Higher education
  • Workforce development
  • Access to capital
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure
  • Trade

Our research shows that the most prosperous regions have at their foundation a wealth of knowledge-based industries and an educated workforce with the skills those industries demand. The right policies can help reproduce these environments and spread economic growth.

The Center for Jobs and Human Capital is a resource for policymakers and businesses seeking rigorous, accessible research that shows how their geographic area compares to others that are competing for the same industries and human capital. Our research develops innovative, implementable economic and policy solutions that will provide stakeholders with the tools to create jobs and improve access to capital.

All of these areas of focus are essential components of regional competitiveness. The Center for Jobs and Human Capital builds on the Milken Institute’s expertise in capital markets and economic development and employs our experience in indices that highlight good performance and showcase best practices as models for other cities, states and nations