Silver to Gold: The Business of Aging

A new report from the Center for the Future of Aging looks at the growing economic power of older adults, the underutilized resource of mature workers, advances that can dramatically extend lifespan, health and productivity, and a call to action.

Populations are aging across the world. This global demographic shift promises great opportunity—and challenge—in the decades ahead. No institutions have a greater stake in the changing demographic frontier than businesses, large and small, that have an integral role to play in realizing the upside of the new and unprecedented human longevity.

To discuss the significance of population aging for the business sector and society at large, the Milken Institute Center for the Future of Aging, with the collaboration and support of the M Center of Excellence at The American College of Financial Services, convened the 2017 Summit on Business and the Future of Aging in Los Angeles. The summit gathered thought leaders from a range of disciplines including academia, media, business, public policy, and the nonprofit world.

Participants agreed that there is much to be done to elevate the opportunities in population aging, including recognition of the human capital value of older adults and the market prospects for products, services, and innovative solutions to serve their growing numbers. The summit attendees recognized the need to promote understanding of the ways that linking business interests with the needs of the aging population can enhance health, well-being, and financial security for the benefit of all. This report summarizes the themes, findings, and vision of the Summit on Business and the Future of Aging

Turning Silver Into Gold Report

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