5 Things Friday

November 06, 2015


1. View Photos from Partnering for Cures
The seventh annual Partnering for Cures conference connected more than 700 medical research innovators—senior government officials, patient advocates, scientists, major investors, industry CEOs and philanthropists—to forge the partnerships needed to accelerate medical progress.
P4C collage v2


2. Of the person, by the person, for the person: The road to precision medicine
National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins laid out the vision for the Precision Medicine Initiative, announced by President Obama in his 2014 State of the Union address, and the work that has gone into crafting its implementation so far.
FCollins PMI3


3. #PatientsCount
Check out highlights from the #PatientsCount campaign.
PatientsCount Twitter2


4. Channeling the power of the "P" in patient-centricity
The trend toward patient-centered healthcare is rapidly accelerating, ushering in a host of opportunities and challenges for eliciting patient input and integrating it into decisions about the discovery, design, development and delivery of improved medical solutions. See what the experts had to say.


5. Gimme my %^&* data
"America has a strange paradox," Financial Times Managing Editor Gillian Tett noted while moderating this all-star session on personal health data and patient empowerment. It likes to think of itself as the land of the free, empowerment, liberty. Technology gives us the ability to choose in most areas of our lives—except in healthcare. Are we on the verge of a revolution, of healthcare defined not by the guild of doctors, but by patients?" <video if available, checking with Patrick Muzingo>