FasterCures Releases “Partnering with Patients on Value, Coverage, and Reimbursement” Workshop Summary

September 11, 2015

FC 9.21

High healthcare costs plus the transformation of healthcare systems are forcing a re-examination of value at every level, from the individual to the R&D system as a whole. Patient organizations could play an important role in helping to close the gap between the evidence regulators need to approve a product and the information payers need to make decisions. However, there remains uncertainty on when and how patient organizations can engage.

On June 11, 2015, FasterCures hosted a workshop, “Partnering with Patients on Value, Coverage, and Reimbursement,” which brought together more than 100 patients, payers, biopharmaceutical companies, venture philanthropies, and providers to open the lines of communication and facilitate greater understanding of one another’s needs and perspectives.

Five observations FasterCures heard going into the workshop included:

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These observations were discussed and dissected by participants, and a summary of that meeting was released today, outlining opportunities to better integrate patient input into decision-making, and foster the collaborations needed to drive progress. The summary also captured five key takeaways coming out of the workshop, which participants felt could help break down barriers between stakeholders. 

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There is still much challenging work to be done to align different stakeholders’ perceptions of value, but it is beginning, and there are early successes to encourage more dialogue.

Please plan to join us at Partnering for Cures, November 1-3 in New York City, to continue this discussion. Featuring a brand new format for 2015 with more interactive, hands-on, problem solving, it will include a workshop on advancing a framework for soliciting and using patient input in value decisions. Register at:

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