Kevin Klowden
Executive Director, Center for Regional Economics and California Center
California and Entertainment & Sports and Global Economy and Regional Economics and Technology
Kevin Klowden is the executive director of the Milken Institute’s Center for Regional Economics and California Center. He specializes in the study of key factors that underlie the development of competitive regional economies (clusters of innovation, patterns of trade and investment, and concentration of skilled labor), and how these are...
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The Oscar hangover
By: Kevin Klowden
February 25, 2013
As Hollywood starts the week with a repeat of the annual aEURoeyearaEUR(TM)s worst hangoveraEUR? from the Academy Awards, too many party goers are bound for the deserts of New Mexico and the cold north of Canada. Entertainment professionals are heading back to work outside the state as California increasingly loses its attractiveness to film producers. This comes at a critical period when the film industry is experiencing enormous change based on the rise of digital contributions to entertainment and the global competition this brings.