Weighing Down America

December 06, 2015

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U.S. Senator Cassidy brief remarks

Sen.  says it's important to focus on obesity to see progress in diseases related to the condition.

"As you read this report, know that the people who have these diseases do not wish to have them." -Sen.

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Michael Milken notes people are often deterred by potential costs & difficulty of implementing changes in diet/behavior.

"We all wish we were healthier later in life." -Mike Milken on prevention & making healthy choices early in life.

"I couldn't be more optimistic on where we're going." Mike Milken closes our panel. Thank you to all our participants.

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14.3% of our healthcare spending in the U.S. goes to conditions related to obesity--Waters on 

Hugh Waters, report co-author, points out that diabetes, heart disease & stroke can be attributable to obesity

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Connections & trust are critical to implementing behavioral changes. The system has to change to support this. -Dr. Dietz

"Nobody wants to have obesity." It's a condition and the stigma needs to be diminished. --Dr. Dietz & Ross DeVol on

We need to build more and better partnerships. This is not an individual issue. -Dr. Dietz on

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