Elham Saeidinezhad lores
Elham Saeidinezhad
Economist, International Finance and Macroeconomics Research
Banking, Finance, Systemic Risk


Dr. Elham Saeidinezhad is a research economist in international finance and macroeconomics at the Milken Institute, with an emphasis on systemic risk, macroprudential policy, and financial stability. Saeidinezhad is an empirical macroeconomist by training specializing in fiscal policy, monetary policy, and productivity growth. She also brings expertise in econometrics and time series approach. She has presented her research papers at several international conferences and has written for the Institute for New Economic Thinking’s website. Prior to joining the Milken Institute, Saeidinezhad was a postdoctoral research fellow in the Financial Stability Research Group at the Institute for New Economic Thinking in New York under the supervision of Perry Mehrling and Paul Jenkins. She also held teaching positions at the University of Sheffield in the UK and Columbia University in New York. Saeidinezhad earned a B.Sc. from Shiraz University in Iran and an M.Sc. in international finance and economics as well as a Ph.D. in macroeconomics from the University of Sheffield. She works at the Institute's Santa Monica office.

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