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Jonathon Adams-Kane
Economist, International Finance and Macroeconomics Research
Capital Flows, Systemic Risk


Dr. Jonathon Adams-Kane is a research economist with the international finance and macroeconomics team at the Milken Institute. His work focuses mainly on international capital flows and financial stability. He has a background in analyzing structural changes in the international financial system, how crises spread among  countries through international banking and how financial crises impact firms and households. Adams-Kane’s research has appeared in policy-oriented reports and chapters, highly ranked academic journals and presentations at international conferences. He has worked as a consultant economist at the World Bank and has held teaching appointments at Humboldt State University and Pacific Lutheran University. Adams-Kane received a Ph.D. in international economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz. He works at the Institute's Santa Monica office. More information can be found at jonathonak.com.

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