Anusuya Chatterjee
Adjunct Fellow
Aging, Demographics, Education & Workforce Development, Health, Human Capital, Indexes & Rankings, Public Policy, Regional Economics


Dr. Anusuya Chatterjee is a fellow at the Milken Institute. Her expertise is in measuring broad economic impacts of health- and longevity-related issues. She has led research efforts on some of the Institute's highest-profile publications, involving such topics as the economics of chronic disease prevention and management, obesity, economics of nutrition, investment in medical technologies, and aging. Her recent publications include measuring the effect of technology on obesity, estimating economic dividends associated with curbing unhealthy eating habits and the broad economic impacts of medical device use in specific diseases. Dr. Chatterjee also created the influential Milken Institute Best Cities for Successful Aging Index.

She co-authored a chapter in the recently published book, "The Upside of Aging." Dr. Chatterjee's opinion articles have been published in news outlets such as Forbes magazine and the San Diego Union-Tribune, and she is frequently quoted as an expert in mainstream media. Her work has been cited by PBS, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CBS, the Huffington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and many other outlets. Her experience includes working as a managing economist at the Milken Institute and prior to that, a tenure-track academic position. Chatterjee received a Ph.D. in economics from the State University of New York, Albany; a master's degree from the Delhi School of Economics; and a bachelor's degree from Jadavpur University in India.

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