Claude Lopez lores
Claude Lopez
Director, International Finance and Macroeconomics Research
Banking, Capital Flows, Capital Markets, Finance, Global Economy, Systemic Risk


Dr. Claude Lopez is director of research at the Milken Institute, leading the international finance and macroeconomic research team. She investigates the linkages between the financial sector and the real economy,focusing on three core areas: systemic risk, capital flows, and investment. 

Lopez brings expertise and experience in several topics, including exchange rate, capital flows, commodities, inflation, and time-series econometrics. Her research has been published in highly ranked academic journals and policy reports and presented regularly at international conferences. 

Before joining the Institute, Lopez held management positions while being senior research economist at the Central Bank of France, Paris (Banque de France), and was professor of economics at the University of Cincinnati. She holds an M.S. in econometrics from the Toulouse School of Economics and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Houston. More information can be found at claudelopez.com


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