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Associate, Center for Financial Markets

Location: Washington, D.C.

About the Center for Financial Markets

The Center for Financial Markets (CFM) is part of the Milken Institute – a non-profit, nonpartisan think tank determined to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health. CFM’s mission is to promote financial market understanding, expand access to capital, strengthen—and deepen—financial markets, and develop innovative financial solutions to the most pressing global challenges. We do this by creating independent, data-driven research, action-oriented meetings, meaningful policy initiatives, cutting-edge education programs, and novel financing ventures.

About the Financial Technology (FinTech) Program

The FinTech Program is a part of the Access to Capital initiative (A2C) that helps local and national public policymakers and private-sector stakeholders’ work together to improve access to capital to small and mid-market firms.  More specifically, in addition to access to capital, the FinTech Program focuses on financial inclusion and regulatory transparency and compliance. The FinTech Program was launched in October 2014 to explore market innovation and developments, analyze alternative regulatory approaches, and offer policy recommendations to facilitate FinTech’s responsible development. As one of the first think-tanks to address the opportunities and challenges that FinTech presents, the program has since produced 75 written reports, blogs, op-eds, and comment letters, and has hosted 30 private roundtables, public panel sessions, and congressional staff briefings covering FinTech.

About the Associate Role

The Milken Institute is looking for an Associate to join the Center for Financial Markets based in Washington, DC. In this role, the Associate will report to the Associate Director of the FinTech Program, but will also work collaboratively with the entire CFM team and Milken Institute staff at large to support Center- and Institute-wide programming and events.

More specifically, the Associate position will be directly engaged in the FinTech program.  In this role, the Associate will work with the Associate Director to provide research on certain sub-sectors of FinTech, attend and report on regulatory and policy events and hearings covering FinTech, contribute to a weekly FinTech newsletter produced by the Institute, and provide assistance to the Associate Director in developing and coordinating events, including the launch of the new and expanded FinTech program.


To succeed in this position, the Milken Institute is looking for someone that has:

  • Strong analytical and researching skills. This position will entail a significant amount of research and analysis to produce high-quality, informative content. The Associate must have some familiarity with the subject material and be able to both conduct technical literature reviews as well as distill nebulous information into structured insights in a timely manner. The Associate must be able to contribute to the formation of practical solutions that help guide federal officials, policymakers, practitioners and regulators in crafting appropriate responses to FinTech-related developments. 
  • Strong written skills. It is vital that the Associate be able to write in a clear and concise manner, provide supporting data to elevate certain points, and maintain a non-partisan view on the topic at hand.
  • Ability to work independently within a fast-paced environment. The Associate must be able to prioritize work in a fast-paced work environment where priorities shift, deadlines must be met in advance, and multiple assignments are presented. The Associate must produce quality work under minimal supervision.
  • Ability to support events and programming staff. In certain situations, the Associate will engage with Institute staff to organize certain public and private events, provide substantive background materials and research, and coordinate with outside stakeholders as to their availability.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit. The Associate will have the opportunity to develop their own projects and written work, provided that current requirements are being met and that the work pertains to the above mentioned programs.


  • Preferably have a graduate degree in concentrations ranging from finance, law, economics, and/or public policy.
  • Possess a working knowledge of financial technology and related market, policy, and regulatory developments, and/or have past experience working at a FinTech firm.
  • Must have a keen understanding of the interplay between finance and policy. Specifically, the applicant must possess strong knowledge and understanding of technology, finance, and/or regulatory/government affairs.
  • The necessary authorizations to work in the United States of America.

The Associate role will provide an outstanding opportunity to hone one’s skills and contribute to reports and materials that will shape thought leadership and guidance for state and federal policymakers, business leaders, and other high-profile policy and business influencers.

To apply, please submit your cover letter and resume. Applicants will be assessed on a rolling basis.